Top Things To Do At Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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When we planned out our fall northeast trip we didn’t think about the national parks or historical sites we would encounter along the way. One of these national parks was the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We saw the sign from the road on our way to Buffalo, and said let’s check it out. The visitor center looked like an old town vs. a traditional park visitor center. Parking of the RV was not available in the parking lot at the visitor center, as we had to park about a quarter mile away across the state road. It wasn’t a bad walk to the visitor center. We didn’t make it to the falls that day as it started to rain on us, however we did manage to get in a couple mile walk on the trails in the park. The walking trails were very nice, and i think the main attraction at this park was the waterfalls. Check out the website for pictures of the falls. This was just an unexpected pit stop, and we got the stamp in our National Park Passport Book for this one. If you are on your way to Cleveland take a couple our pitstop and checkout this National Park.

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