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     Hello, and welcome to our blog.  We are the Brock's (Danny and Dorie), and have begun our journey of transitioning from part-time to full-time RVer's traveling to various locations, mostly in one of our two RV's.   We currently have a class A RV for those destinations we intend to stay at for an extended period of time, and a class B for those "touring" trips in which we visit for a day or so, then move on to the next destination.​

     We created a website called PassTheBrockly.com to write about and capture our adventures and experiences as we travel to and visit various locations.   We will try to touch on the trips, parking, food, cell and internet connectivity, the overall atmosphere of these destinations.

     We also have links to our Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Please consider visiting, subscribing and giving us a "thumbs up" if you like our Stuff.


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About Us

We are the Brock's of PassTheBrockly.com . Follow us as we transitions from part-time to full-time RVer's who travel to various destinations mostly in one of our two RV's and bring you scenic views and our perspective in some popular, and some not so popular destinations.  


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