Class B RV Traveling

Welcome to PassTheBrockly.  We are the Brock’s (Danny and Dorie), and have begun our RV traveling journey to various locations in our class B RV that we named “Brockly”.   We purchased our class B for our “touring” trips in which we visit for a day or so, then move on to the next destination.​  Since 2016 we also had a class A motorhome, and a home base.  With the challenges that COVID presented to the RV ecosystem, we quickly learned that the class B was the best choice for us, given that we can work remote, and we have a home base to come back to.  For us, this equated to more trips where we don’t have to have reservations or hookups all the time, and can still work remotely.
     We created a website called PassTheBrockly to write about and capture our adventures and experiences as we travel to and visit various locations.   Information we will try to touch on will be the trips, parking, food, cell and internet connectivity, the overall atmosphere of these destinations.
     PassTheBrockly also has various other social media presences as well.  Check out our links to our Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Please “Like” and “Subscribe” to our social media channels and pages, and don’t forget to subscribe to our website to receive emails whenever new content is available.  

Danny & Dorie

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