There was a professional conference being held in Savannah at the convention center, and my workplace allowed me to attend the conference in March of 2019. Dorie and I have always wanted to go to Savannah, as we had never been, even though we visited Hilton Head Island in 2016. We had heard of the Forrest Gump Square, where they filmed him on the bench, and had heard of River Street, beautifully landscaped park squares, and a beautiful church. Dorie decided to go with me, and once the conference was over we planned to stay and visit for a couple more days.

When we arrived at our hotel, we were not aware that it would be directly downtown, and therefore where unaware that parking would be such a challenge. We did pay the fee to valet park at our hotel for $35/night, since the town was small enough to walk or take a water taxi, and we wouldn’t have to worry about parking our car for the duration of the visit, which eliminated a lot of unnecessary stress.

The famous food here was shrimp and grits, but since we were not a fan of grits we did not try them. Overall, I would have to say the food was disappointing in Savannah, however there were three places that stood out to us:

  • Leopald’s Ice Cream was great ice cream, and there was a line out the door daily. We went when there was a short line and ordered the Banana Split in the mug (Pricey…at $25.00)
  • Nuts about Savannah, a nice popcorn and peanut family owned shop and the owners were extremely friendly
  • Vinnie Van Go-Gos, this was a pizza place that had great NY Style pizza at a reasonable price. The catch here is they don’t take plastic, so bring cash or your ATM card, as they do have an ATM machine in the store.

We also ate at “The Lady and Sons” Paula Dean’s pilot restaurant, the Treylor Park, and Tubby’s on the River. These were just ordinary with the Treylor park having the most interesting menu, but the food was not great in our opinion. 

We walked and saw several nice attractions like the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. This was a beautiful church with unbelievable stain glass windows and architecture, there was no admission fee, however donations were suggested. We also visited the Railroad Museum, which costs $11/person. Don’t waste your money on this, unless you do the tour. The history museum was a better use of your money and is just across the street from the Railroad Museum. The Park Squares are beautiful, and i think I read there were 23 different squares in the historic district. We didn’t see them all but did see quite a few of them. I know this sounds odd, but Savannah had one of the nicest grave yards we have seen as well.

My professional conference was at the Savannah Convention Center across the river from the downtown district. It had a nice view of River Street and we saw some boats navigate the river (see Video Below).

Overall you could see Savannah in a weekend and visit the parks get some peanuts, ice cream and pizza and visit the River Street Strip. RV Parking or parking in general will be a challenge, so I would suggest parking elsewhere and driving in for the day or taking a water taxi or ferry to the historic district. 

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In a Van Down by The River!
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In a Van Down by The River!
Quick article on what to see and do in Savannah if you only have a day. Also where to park downtown while you are visiting.
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