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Lobsta Anyone?

Updated: Mar 22

Did someone say Lobsta? A bonus to visiting Acadia National Park is that it is located adjacent to Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor is a cute touristy little town, and like Portland everything is in a walkable distance. There is a port where cruise ships dock, and the town will be flooded with additional tourist when ships are in port, which could increase wait times at some popular restaurants, so check the cruise ship schedule before deciding when to have dinner! Being a tourist ourselves, we had to try the lobster. We are not huge lobster eaters to begin with, but we got a lobster boil and also tried the lobster roll. We had use the lobster eating guide shown below and learn how to get the meat out of the lobster. When i did the main vein, that was enough for Dorie, she couldn't eat no more. The lobster roll was ok, but I think it would have been better hot or warm, as i didn't care too much for the cold roll, however, the presentation, service and view (sitting on the pier) was great! Before I forget, we were able to park our class B RV at the pier parking lot with no issues, and then walk the town. Once Night fell, the view from the pier was even more spectacular. Speaking of spectacular, do not leave Bar Harbor without eating the Blueberry Pancakes! They were amazing! As mentioned in the Acadia Blog, there are campgrounds all around the area to choose from. Once you are out of Acadia, the cell service improves greatly. We got 4G with Verizon consistently, once out of the park.

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