The Forrest Of Giants!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Bernhiem Forrest is a unique Arboretum and Research forrest located off of I-65 in Clermont, KY. In a nutshell, this is a glorified walking trail that has scenic views and spectacular wooden giant destinations, to find along the walking trail. There are three large forrest giants located a mile away from each other, and on your journey to find all three of these giants you will encounter bridges on over wildlife preserves, in which you can see several creatures. The hikes were not very challenging in regards to hills, however parking is available close to the giants for those who don't want to hike the trails. There is also one road you can drive that leads you to a scenic overlook observatory deck that is several hundred feet high, and would be a pretty view in the Fall. Our opinion on the Bernhiem Forrest is that if you are in the area it a good stop to stretch your legs and get in your daily exercise, however we would not recommend it being a day trip destination. One other note, parking and admission is technically free, however they do ask you for a donation.

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