Thy Kingdom Come!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Another hidden gem in the Kentucky State Park system is Kingdom Come State Park. This park is located in Cumberland, KY and for those "Justified" fans out there, Cumberland is in the series frequently. The park is set at the highest point of Pine Mountain at 2700 ft., and provides some spectacular views that rival those of Shenandoah National Park, and you don't have to drive the 100 mile skyline drive to see them. The park admission and parking are free, although this park is nestled in the mountains of southeast Kentucky. This park also has a smaller version of Natural Bridge which is made out of sandstone, and sometimes you may even run into, or see black bears in this park. Class A RV's are not advised, Class C, B and Truck campers only, due to the low overhanging trees and narrow roads. The park does not have RV campgrounds either, only tent camping. Even though this park is in Southeast Kentucky, we believe the trip would be worth it as you can make a weekend out of this park and some adjacent parks that showcase the beauty of this once thriving coal town. The nearby parks are Pine Mountain State Park, which showcases "Chain Rock" which are two rocks on different sides of the mountains linked together by a large chain. Cumberland Gap National Park, which showcases a hiking trail in which you can see several different states at the summit. There is also Martins Fork Lake, which is a Corp of Engineers property that has a beautiful small man-made lake with beach

and picnic area. We will do blogs on these other two parks soon.

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